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Tanya Lee Stone

June 17th, 2007

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Tanya Lee Stone
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June 17th, 2007

Welcome to the latest installment of the GCC Book Tour--Megan Crane's FRENEMIES. As always, please read responsibly and patronize your local independent bookstores and Book Sense. This has been a public service announcement!

Megan is the author of Everyone Else’s Girl and English as a Second Language. In FRENEMIES, her newest book, 
she takes a hard look at that old expression “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” What if they’re one and the same?
It’s the cardinal rule: don’t date your friend’s ex. But that rule is about to get broken and chaos ensues.

Check out this advance praise:

“Jam-packed with hilarious one-liners and amusing scenarios, this is a quick, albeit very satisfying, read.”  —Romantic Times BOOKClub Magazine


"FRENEMIES is a hugely enjoyable novel with brilliant, convincing characters and dialogue.

It's romantic, funny, intelligent, believable, and gripping. I couldn't put it down and am now very sorry it's finished!" 

— Marian Keyes, international bestselling author of Angels and Last Chance Saloon

You can find out more about Megan and her books on her website and join in the blogging fun at megancrane. 
I asked Megan to take the Bad Boy Quiz and she happily obliged. Here are the results:
Have you ever learned something good from a bad boy?  What was it?
I have learned that when a bad boy says, "I am bad, I will destroy your life, leaving you but a shell of your former self," or, you know, words to that effect, they are not kidding and you should listen to them.  Learning this made me able to walk away from other bad boys later.
What was the worst date you ever went on?
A friend guilt-tripped me into going out with this guy I knew I didn't like.  He noticed (well into the date) that I was wearing a ring (a completely not wedding-y ring on the complete wrong hand) and demanded to know if my wearing it meant I was married.  "It's on the wrong hand," I pointed out.  "Well," he said, "you could have switched it."
Seriously??  And this after I'd listened to his assorted tales of woe for 45 minutes??  A married woman would never put up with such nonsense.  I made my escape shortly thereafter.
What would make your ideal "good" boy?
Someone kind, honest, and good.  And also very funny, smart, and not afraid to be silly.  I'm marrying him! (Congratulations!!)
Recommend your favorite "relationship" movie.
I like "How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days," which counsels us that deceit and manipulation will deliver Matthew McConnaughey, possibly wrapped in a bow.
More seriously, I love "The Fountain."
What's the best thing you do for yourself?
I don't take myself too seriously.
What's your favorite memory that speaks to sisterhood?
Me and some of my favorite people, driving in long, lazy loops throughout the Hudson Valley.  Good times.
Thanks for stopping by Megan, and Congratulations!

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