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Tanya Lee Stone

February 19th, 2007

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Tanya Lee Stone
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February 19th, 2007

China Dolls: A Novel

The Girlfriend Cyber Circuit is touring debut novelists Michelle Yu and Blossom Kan for their book CHINA DOLLS.

The Gist: (and p.s., this novel is published for adults; it's not a YA title)


With the traditions and family closeness of The Joy Luck Club and the sass, girl friendships and humor of Sex and the City, comes a novel about three Asian-American women balancing life, love and one another in New York City.



What People Are Saying:


“A fun tale that weaves together the journeys of three very different, yet deeply bonded, women in their search for love and professional fulfillment in the big city.”

Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus, authors of The Nanny Diaries


“A smart, sassy saga that explores the bonds of female friendship and the

cultural ties between generations.”

Emily Giffin, author of Baby Proof


“A resoundingly upbeat and fun read, following three great friends in New York City. The insights into Asian culture are simultaneously amusing and illuminating. A highly promising debut.”

Kavita Daswani, author of For Matrimonial Purposes


The Joy Luck Club meets Sex and the City—a fresh, dazzling debut

from two exciting new voices.”

Beth Kendrick, author of Fashionably Late


“Yu and Kan's heroines are eminently likable, and their adventures in love

and on the job ring true.”




I asked the ladies the regular roundup of questions for the Bad Boy Quiz. Here are the answers!


1)  Have you ever learned something good from a bad boy? What was it?

Blossom: Definitely - I learned to take risks. I'm not naturally an
impulsive person, so I rarely do throw caution to the wind and roll the
dice. Bad boys are great for helping you get over that hump.

Michelle: One thing good from a bad boy that I learned was to be more
spontaneous. We only live once and we're human. if we don't end up perfect,
it's okay and therefore we are excused to do something "bad" once in awhile.

2)     What was the worst date you ever went on?

Michelle: The worst date movie i ever went on was 'Dreamer'. It was a
children's movie about horses but because I got free tickets, we went.

Blossom: The worst date I ever went on was my prom. The minute I agreed to
go to the prom with him, my date turned into a stalker who tracked me down
at my friends' houses, followed me around school, and threw a tantrum every
time I talked to someone who wasn't him at the prom. I ditched him the
minute the prom was over.

3)     What would make your ideal “good” boy?

Blossom: My ideal "good" boy would be someone who cared about me but who had
an edge and wasn't afraid to disagree with me.

Michelle: My ideal good boy would have to have a great sense of humor and be
supportive in what I do and not be a mime. I want someone to express
themselves just as much.

4)     Recommend your favorite “relationship” movie.

Michelle: My favorite relationship movie is How to lose a guy in ten
days...the movie was not great but it's great to see how men and women play
games with one another.

Blossom: My favorite "relationship" movie is "Two Weeks' Notice" -- because
it shows how childish men and women are when it comes to dealing with each
other. Plus, I loved Hugh Grant.

5)     What’s the best thing you do for yourself?

Blossom: The best thing I do for myself is get a massage once a month. I
have a bad back, so it really helps. Plus, it's great for getting the
endorphins running - it really improves your mental (in addition to
physical) well-being.

Michelle: The best thing I do for myself is play tennis. It's been my
passion since I was a little girl. I always wanted to win
Wimbledon but
since that didn't happen, tennis still continues to keep me going physically
and mentally

6)     What’s your favorite memory that speaks to sisterhood?

Michelle: My favorite memory that speaks to sisterhood was travelling with
my college tennis team. When we went away for school matches, we would gab
in the van and gossip and it truly felt all 'girly'!

Blossom: In law school, my girlfriends first introduced me to feminism and
the need for women to band together and support each other, both on a
personal level and at a societal level. While I never became an activist
like many of them did, I still cherish those memories - and those beliefs.

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