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Tanya Lee Stone

February 28th, 2005

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Tanya Lee Stone
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February 28th, 2005

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Someone (sorry, I don't remember who!) recently wrote that the greatest gift a writer's family can give is permission to write about them. Love that.

What is the greatest gift a writer can give herself?

Been thinking about that all morning as I stress about too many things that are getting in the way of moving forward in my novel. What gift should I give myself today?

Permission to leave the dirty dishes in the sink? Nope, too easy. I do that every day.
Permission to have a messy house in general. Granted.
Permission not to answer people who ask me to tell them all about what I'm working on who clearly don't want to hear the answer.
Permission to ignore people who want to know if I aspire toward writing for adults.

The topper: Permission to stop worrying about where the story is going and...just...write.
yeah, that's the ticket!
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