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Tanya Lee Stone

February 21st, 2005

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Tanya Lee Stone
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February 21st, 2005

I was sad to learn of Hunter S. Thompson's death this morning. That book was one of several that a courageous, forward-thinking English teacher gave me to read when I was a freshman in high school. She also gave us A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES, STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER, and other mind-expanding books that I know had a lot to do with my love for reading and writing.
I'll join the LJ party of 10 unique things about me:

1. Francis Crick slept in my bed (I wasn't in it at the time).
2. Ashley Montague taught me how to ballroom dance.
3. I have climbed into a harbor seal tank at an aquarium to help a veterinarian give the seals their shots!
4. I have been hit by fireworks (I don't recommend this).
5. I have meditated with the Queen of Ghana.
6. I have sung on the stage of Carnegie Hall.
7. I have been to Mandy Patinkin's house and shown Inigo Montoya's swords!
8. I have successfully bent a spoon with my mind (really!).
9. I have been eye-to-eye with an emu in the wilds of Australia (and gave it my food to ensure my own survival!).
10. And last but not least, I sold my first novel to a dream editor.
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