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Tanya Lee Stone

February 19th, 2005

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Tanya Lee Stone
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February 19th, 2005


Just finished reading ACCELERATION by Graham McNamee. I would have finished it in one sitting, but I fell asleep last night. Had nothing to do with the book; in fact, I was ticked to discover that sleep had won over when I woke this morning with the book still in my hands. Couldn't wait to get back to it. I was so glad not to find anything predictable in it. I found myself trying to guess who Roach was early on, and hoping that it wasn't any of the characters McNamee had already introduced us to. Thankfully, it wasn't. Thanks, Graham.

Also read Nancy Werlin's DOUBLE HELIX the other day. I guess I'm in the mood for suspense. Loved that one, too. It was a relief to end a frighteningly uncharacteristic few-week stretch of not getting into any book I picked up. Thanks, Nancy. I'm not sure my pre-HELIX slump had as much to do with my book choices as it did with me being burnt out from too much reading and writing. Is that possible? Sometimes, hopefully not very often, a person needs to take a little break!

Up next, HOW I LIVE NOW by Meg Rosoff.

How I Live Now

Oh. My. God. My heart almost couldn't take it. This was one of those books I'm sure will stay etched in my memory for a very long time. It's usually the character(s) that stay with me. But this time it might be both plot and character that will remain. Daisy. Edmond. Piper. Even Isaac. Wow.

On a more clinical note, it's been interesting to me to read my way through the Wendy Lamb list, now that I'm going to be on it. (Something which seems surreal.) So far, the books I've read from that list have had something in common: passion. Then again, most of the books I love from any list, from any year, share that same trait. The author's passion comes shining through.

Hmm, what to read next? Any suggestions? I've got a few on my nightstand--Saving Francesca, Over and Over You--oh, Amy, yes I'll read that! Cool. But I think I'll wait until tomorrow and give my mind and heart a little rest!
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