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Tanya Lee Stone

Reviving my LiveJournal

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Tanya Lee Stone
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Reviving my LiveJournal

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Hello from LiveJournal land! In an attempt to streamline my online postings, I think I have now set this up so that postings here will go to Facebook and my Amazon Author page--but only a test post like this will show me for sure!

Things are busy around here, with two new books out back-to-back. The launch for COURAGE HAS NO COLOR was a lot of fun this past week, and coming right on its heels is a picture book called WHO SAYS WOMEN CAN'T BE DOCTORS? which is the story of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman doctor in America. 

COURAGE is for older readers and is a missing piece of WW2 history in the shape of the Triple Nickles--America's first black paratroopers. Here's a taste of their story in a short book trailer. Enjoy!
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