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Tanya Lee Stone

A Love Letter of Sorts

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Tanya Lee Stone
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A Love Letter of Sorts

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Better late than never--I realize Valentine's Day was two days ago, but I didn't realize I wanted to send a Valentine's Day card to our industry until just now. This is a business we are in--those of us who write, draw, edit, design, produce, and sell books for kids and teens. It is a weird business, a fickle business, a random business--but a business built on creativity and passion and love and energy and excitement--and I LOVE it. Even on the days when I am tired or frustrated, I am thankful that I get to wake up every day and pursue work that I find meaningful and fulfilling, work that feeds my soul, work that connects me to so many wonderful people I admire and adore.

So Happy Valentine's Day to the whole world of Children's Lit. I Love You. 
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