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Tanya Lee Stone

Barbie is feeling the love.

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Tanya Lee Stone
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Barbie is feeling the love.

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I'm overjoyed by the love reviewers are showing my Barbie book. The Good, the Bad, and the Barbie has now been reviewed by SLJ, Horn Book, Kirkus, and the BCCB. And did you know the fabulous Meg Cabot wrote the foreword? Here are review clips to date:

From Kirkus (starred): "Sibert Medalist Stone tantalizes...She begins with the history of Mattel, started by self-made businesswoman Ruth Handler in the 1940s, and moves onto materialism, body image, portrayals of ethnicity, nudity, taboo and art. Direct quotes from women and girls showcase the variety of feelings that Barbie engenders, and the author weighs in occasionally and effectively to show that though Barbie is often "just a doll...We have...helped make her the icon-and subject of controversy-that she is."

From the BCCB: "Stone calmly covers Barbie’s creation…From there on, though, the gloves come off, and Stone allows the voices of women and teens, scholars and collectors, lovers and haters to thrash [it] out… Stone orchestrates proffered testimonials and opinions with an evenhandedness… teen book clubs might want to nominate this as a fiery nonfiction selection."

From SLJ (starred): "Stone reveals the pathos behind so many relationships of girls with Barbie: those who cherished her and those who were negatively influenced. Was she a destructive role model or just a toy? Experts disagree. In this balanced overview, both sides of the quandary are addressed....The author maintains her signature research style and accessible informational voice."

From Horn Book: "Stone's evenhanded, eye-opening cultural history examines this split personality, quoting a myriad of sources to reveal the devotion and loathing generated by a fifty-plus-year-old hunk of molded plastic..."

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