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Tanya Lee Stone

It's Blog for Your Breasts Day--Read On

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Tanya Lee Stone
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It's Blog for Your Breasts Day--Read On

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Today is the kickoff for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I am celebrating by joining the Love/Army of Women organization and helping them spread the word about the important work they are doing for breast cancer research. There is NO COST, but you can help them be ONE MILLION STRONG.

Take a minute and watch this moving PSA and you’ll get the picture fast.

How can we cure something if we don’t know what we’re curing? Plain and simple, the Army of Women hopes to STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS. By enlisting ONE MILLION WOMEN to participate in breast cancer research, we will be able to finally take the research out of the lab and look at real women. This will enable us to finally find the CAUSES of breast cancer and ultimately figure out how to prevent it all together. BILLIONS of dollars have been spent on breast cancer research to date, but we still don’t know what CAUSES it.

Here's how to join.

What Is It?
Basically, Love/Army of Women was started because Dr. Susan Love was frustrated that more progress wasn’t being made in breast cancer research and scientists told her that was because not enough women were being studied. The Love/Army of Women is dedicated to spreading the word and getting 1 million people involved in breast cancer research studies.

Who Can Join?

Women who are interested register on the Love/Avon Army of Women website and receive email updates about new research studies looking for volunteers. If you fit the criteria for a particular study, you can volunteer to participate and the researcher will be put in touch with you. It’s a one-stop site that brings all the information together in one place. It’s good for the researchers, it’s good for the research, and it’s good for us.

It’s important to know that signing up to be added to the Army of Women database is only to hear about research projects – signing up for the Army of Women does NOT sign you up for a study unless you want to.

Participants must be 18 and older – but they need ALL ethnicities – ALL ages, we need healthy women, women with cancer and women who are survivors. Men are also able to join.

There is NO COST and they are NOT asking for donations, just for women to sign up and agree to hear about studies. Participation is ALWAYS, COMPLETELY voluntary.

I joined and am inviting you to join as well. And also, invite a friend to do the same. Please, pass it on. Share my blog today with others. Together, we can help the LOVE/ARMY OF WOMEN reach their goal and be 1 MILLION STRONG.
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